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Did you know that empty pistachio shells are a great growing medium for orchids? Or that pecans can improve your love life? Now that’s what we’re talking about.

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Try Something New with Santé Nuts

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“These are seriously the best snacks I’ve ever found. I have to hide some so that my kids don’t eat mine!”

Karin Davenport

What Are You Celebrating Tonight?

Whether it’s a birthday, your anniversary, or just getting through a Wednesday, Santé’s gourmet nuts pair deliciously with your favorite wines and beers.

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“Thanks for recipes and snack combinations. Santé nuts are always so fresh—they really add a special something to the salads and desserts that I’ve used them for.”

Keith Pacoma

The Best Snacks Are the Simplest

Combine Santé with almost anything for a healthy, delicious treat. Try some of our favorite combinations here.

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