Best Locations

As a family-owned business, we like to support other family-owned-and-operated businesses that share our commitment to quality products. Almost all of our suppliers are families that have been tending the land and harvesting nuts for generations. Together, we’re planning to make sure that Santé customers continue to get the best-tasting nuts for years to come.

Family Owned

We buy our nuts from locations that are known for their unique combinations of soil and climate and that produce the best nuts. Our almonds come from California—the source of the United States’ supply of exported almonds. For pecans, we look to Texas. Walnuts and pistachios come from California, while cashews are imported from VietNam and Brazil.

We Only Choose the Best

To get the best snack nuts, you have to start with the best produce. We only buy top-grade nuts. Even though we pay a bit more, we know that our customers aren’t settling for culls or commercial-grade nuts.