Building A Company

Sara sold her first orders of roasted, spiced nuts to local Silicon Valley cafés. Making nuts quickly turned into a 24-hour-a-day job, with Sara sleeping by the oven most nights. When a major national grocery retailer noticed the products, all of a sudden Sara was standing in front of her kitchen stove holding an order for thousands of cases of nuts.

Friends and neighbors began to help, and soon, people began showing up looking for work. Santé Nuts was born. Sara found a commercial kitchen location and a growing team of employees worked around the clock to continue the process of roasting small batches and handcrafting the products. They made the order deadline and Sara still remembers how she cried when she was able to hand out the first paychecks. The company’s first-year revenues topped $1 million.

“Our roasting method is a family secret. You can taste the love in every bite.”

Sara Tidhar, Founder

A Family Business

In building her company, she also built a new family. Her commitment to a family business extends to her employees. Sara firmly believes that her most efficient management tool is taking good care of her employees. Generous benefits are just the beginning. When it’s a birthday, everyone celebrates. Company trips and special perks add fun and bond our team. And when orders outstrip hours in the day, everyone works longer and harder and Sara brings in food. The result is a loyal team that is committed to all of its members. Many of the original employees continue to work at Santé today.

Meet the Management Team

“The more you celebrate life every day, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

Sara Tidhar, Founder

Expanding the Brand

Our mission is to indulge and promote the experience of being alive—through the creation, consumption, and distribution of gourmet foods to the world. Santé sells its products online, as well as to major airlines, specialty food retailers, and nationwide retail grocers. As it grows, Santé is also expanding its reach from providing private labeling services to building a national brand of its own.

From one mom in front of a stove—to a vibrant business that pleases millions of people. Santé Nuts helps people celebrate life every day. As Sara likes to say, “the more you celebrate life everyday, the more there is in life to celebrate.

Our Extended Team

We consider our suppliers to be part of the Santé family, too. When we source our produce, we look for growers who meet our high standards.

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